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"Like Hubble Space Telescope was the first to provide the astronomy society with an unobstructed view of the universe, CoinHubble is set to become the first tool to give you a high-precision map of the constantly expanding area of cryptocurrency assets so you can find the right altcoins and crypto tokens to trade."

Sergey Kornev, the maker of CoinHubble.

Inherent Flexibility

Freely combine and reuse advanced cryptocurrency filters to build custom searches precisely aligned with your trading needs.

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Retrospect Power

Apply advanced filters to various periods within the historical market data to catch all those present and past trading signals.

Seamless Analysis

Compare and contrast the shortlisted cryptocurrency pairs and employ interactive charts to easily gauge price patterns and trends.

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Move On Big Volume

With our advanced filters, you can catch the very moment when cryptocurrency pairs begin to skyrocket, or when it plummets while generating an unusually large amount of trades. Be sure to leverage these signals as you confirm your long/short entry points.

Trend Is Your Friend

Ride uptrends and exploit downswings with our custom filters optimized to find substantial movements in the cryptocurrency market. Combine these with the market momentum indicators to amplify your trend-following strategies with clear swing trading signals.

Crypto Turtle Way

Care to take advantage of a proven trading strategy adapted to the hot market of cryptocurrencies? Use our bespoke filters to find cryptocurrency pairs reaching new highs or falling on new lows to generate reliable buy/sell signals.

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