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Your Lead into CryptoCurrency Deep Space

Inherent Flexibility

Freely combine and reuse cryptocurrency filters based on a variety of descriptive measures and technical indicators.

Powerful Eyesight

Apply cryptocurrency filters to various periods within the historical market data to catch all those present and past trading signals.

Wide Coverage

Find promising altcoins and ICO tokens being traded at all major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Move On Big Volume

With our advanced filters, you can catch the very moment when altcoins and ICO tokens begin to rocket or plummet while generating an unusually large amount of trades. Be sure to leverage these signals to confirm your long/short entry points.

Trend is Your Friend

Ride the uptrends and exploit the downswings with our custom filters for finding cryptocurrency market movements. Combine these with the market momentum indicators to amplify your trend-following strategies with clear overbought and oversold signals.

Crypto Turtle Way

Care to take advantage of a proven trading strategy adapted to the hot cryptocurrency market? Use our saved filters to find altcoins and ICO tokens reaching new highs or falling on new lows to generate reliable buy/sell signals.

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