CoinHubble: flexible cryptocurrency screening and analys

Advanced Crypto Screener

We will help you find the best cryptocoins / tokens to invest or speculate

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Your Advanced Guide To CryptoCurrency Deep Space

Cryptocurrency filters

Inherent Flexibility

CoinHubble will allow for reusing and freely combining cyptocurrency filters based on a variety of descriptive measures and technical indicators.

Build your very own filter or use one of dozens presets that already proved their efficiency in finding the best cryptocoins / tokens to trade.

Filtering cryptocoin historical data and catching trading signals

Powerful Eyesight

CoinHubble will enable applying cryptocurrency filters to various periods within the historical market data to catch both present and past trading signals.

How about finding altcoins that were falling throughout the last week, but have been outperforming Bitcoin ever since?

Covering cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocoins

Wide Coverage

CoinHubble will allow for finding cryptocoin and token pairs being traded at all main cryptocurrency exchanges - new altocoins, tokens and markets are added on a daily basis.

We are determined to keep the coverage area constantly expanding according to community feedback.


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